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Membrane and Film




Teflon® AF Tubing and Film


IOL Haptic Fiber



Biogeneral manufactures high performance monofilament, tubing and film.

We now offer manufacturing support: injection molding, special spooling, cut links, forming and assembly.

Monofilament and tubing, any melt processable polymer.
Bioabsorbable monofilament and tubing.
Intraocular lens haptic monofilament.
Membrane and film.
Injection molding.
Please ask. We might surprise you.


At Biogeneral, technology often advances in unexpected ways. The high tensile monofilament development project led us to an effective way to process PGA/PLA copolymers into high tensile structures.

Now we form monofilament in the range of .0005” to .0200” with tensile and modulus properties approaching that of stainless steel.

Micro Fibers


Track record: on-time delivery, uncompromising quality and efficient communication.

Customers: a pretty picky lot and we work hard to keep them that way.

Research: is really fun but everyone here knows how important it is to get the right materials to our customers on time, and we do.

Biogeneral is ISO 9001 registered, maintains a FDA Device Master File and can provide IDE and PMA regulatory support.

Info Customers must determine the suitability and fitness of Biogeneral products for their application.





ISO 9001
Registered Certificate