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Bioabsorbable Products

We manufacture bioabsorbable fiber, tubing and film for a variety of applications. We supply monofilament for stents, sutures, anchors, staples, clips, mesh, scaffold and other applications.

Materials available include:
PLA (polylactic acid)
PGA (polyglycolic acid)
PLA/PGA (copolymers)
PCL (polycaprolactone)
Other melt processable materials on request

Physical properties of bioabsorbable fiber, film and tubing such as modulus, stiffness, tensile strength and absorption rate may be optimized within material capabilities.

Bioabsorbable materials are manufactured in humidity controlled conditions. Packaged with high barrier flexible material for the healthcare market. Product development, packaging, custom spooling, assembly and certification procedures for your product and regulatory requirements.

Info Customers must determine the suitability and fitness of Biogeneral products for their application.



Bioabsorbable Fiber Technology